Beyond the Clouds Episode 06
Beyond the Clouds
In the night of a glamorous jewel exhibition opening in Bangkok, a gun shot rings out. A young man and a young woman, who are reaching toward climax of life, are facing critically each other across the gun shot. Han Young-won loses her fiance during the shot and Jung Se-ro is the one who is blamed for murdering Young-won’s fiance. Five years later, Se-ro, who has got a new life with a new name, and Young-won, a cold-hearted meet again. Those two seems to have crossed the Rubicon, but Se-ro floats his boat, ‘desire to money’ and rows the boat with an intense feeling of ‘revenge’. Believing that at the end of the Rubicon, there will be the ‘doom’ of those two who have destroyed his life, ‘Han Young-won and Bel Laffair.’ However, at the end of the Rubicon that Se-ro tries to cross, there is no fury, hatred, or revenge, but only ‘love’. Will they get over ‘a tragedy of the evening’ with broken water and dreadful depth, and then love and forgive each other?