My One and Only Episode 00
My One and Only
Gi Wun-Chan (Seo Jun-Young) has a positive personality. He graduated from high school, but he doesn't have much to show for it. Nevertheless, he believes that if you work hard enough you can accomplish your dreams. During the afternoons he works a part-time job and at night studies. Wun-Chan then starts a job with an architecture company as an intern. Beginning his career as a carpenter Wun-Chan grows up to become a master craftsman. Wun-Chan also becomes involved with Na Mugunghwa (Han Hye-Rin) and they fall in love with each other. Na Mugunghwa comes from a privileged background. She was engaged to Han Seo-Joon (Seo Do-Yeong), who appeared to be the perfect fiance, but dumps him for Gi Wun-Chan.