KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) is South Korea's premier public broadcaster and the largest television

Established on July 16, 2004, KBS America is a Los Angeles-based company dedicated to providing top-quality programs of the Korean Broadcasting System in North, South, Central America. We strive in promoting cultural ties between South Korea and the Americas. Many of our popular Korean dramas and shows available through broadcasting, videos/DVDs and VODs across the Americas and will meet all the different tastes of our audiences who are enthusiastic about Korea and the Korean culture.


What makes KBS America different from other Korean stations in the Americas?

There is a variety of content that is provided with English, Chinese, and Spanish subtitles. This will benefit our viewers who have been waiting to watch Korean television programs in their own language. It will also help them better understand Korean culture and traditions. 

KBS America airs the most popular programs selected from KBS World, KBS TV1, KBS TV2, and KBS Sky.

The broadcasting schedule varies depending on which carriers the audience is subscribed to and where they live. While KBS America delivers its broadcasting signal to the subscribers of regional MSOs in many major cities across North, South, and Central America, it has increased its platforms for broader access through DirecTV.