The Queen of Office Episode 12
The Queen of Office
‘The Queen of Office’ is a story about a heroine. Always wearing a long, colorless trouser suit, her hair held back with a net band and equipped with 124 miscellaneous certificates, Miss Kim is a voluntary non-regular employee who goes amid the forest of buildings and suddenly disappears after her three-month contract is up. She responds to every kind of irrationality and lack of common sense, which we may take for granted, in her whimsical and unique way. It gives her spiritual catharsis, like an ‘ironman’ to the contemporary salarymen. ‘The Queen of Office’ is a melodrama. Jang Gyu-jik is strongly devoted to his company and armed with professionalism and a good work ethic. He regards non-regular workers as being like part-time workers and thinks that they are only there to assist the regulars with chores. Miss Kim conceals her feelings toward the cold-heartedness in organizations and denies all private human relations. She lives her life in her own way, as a voluntarily non-regular employee. These two people engage in conflict and confrontations, but gradually feelings of respect and affection for the other burst forth. This will give the viewers new satisfaction, as they may have become fed up commonplace formulaic romantic comedy. ‘The Queen of Office’ is a comedy drama. Jang Gyu-jik always wants to humiliate Miss Kim, but he is frequently encounters unexpected reactions from her. This gives the viewers mysterious pleasure which might come from the status gap of the two. The conflicts and fights between these two incompatible characters in various critical situations in Y-Jang Food Company will show the essence of character comedy. ‘The Queen of Office’ criticizes a society ruled by the law of jungle, and supports the dreams of the socially weak people. Today the young people are suffering from a severe job shortage in a country where the college entrance rate is 80%. Do they have hope for the future? Will they achieve their dreams? This drama wants to answer ‘Yes’ toward such questions. To the people who chose a life as a non-regular employee and to the people who will cheer them on, this drama will offer catharsis and warm sympathy.