TV Novel: Dear My Sister Episode 00
TV Novel: Dear My Sister
Bok-Hee (Jang Mi In Nae) is a girl who studies very hard and works at a brewery. When she was 5-years-old, her parents' divorced and Bok-Hee then lived with her mother. Her father died in a coal mine accident. Bok-Hee came to brewery company Dukchun with her younger stepbrother after her mother married Song Byung-Man, the owner of Dukchun. Bok-Hee addresses her mother as "aunt," to avoid getting her mother into trouble. Finally, people learn that Bok-Hee is the daughter. Her stepbrother is sent off to an orphanage and Bok-Hee leaves for Seoul. Joon-Mo (Ryu Tae-Joon) worked as a stuntman, but due to injury had to quit his job and come to Dukchun to work as a temporary teacher. Joon-Mo meets Bok-Hee for the first time when she peers through a classroom window in which he teaches. Joon-Mo sees the passion in her eyes and becomes her mentor.